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General Aviation - California

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You can help keep America flying.
You can help keep your local airport open.
You can help introduce your friends and neighbors to General Aviation.
You can help your local Flight Schools and FBO's stay in business.
Encourage a sense of Community. Facilitate Communication.
Be a part of General Aviation's future.


PilotAge's mission is to facilitate General Aviation in California by providing a vehicle for pilots, aircraft owners and general aviation enthusiasts to communicate, support each other, and share flying time, aircraft parts and ideas.

There are more than a few ways that you can help. For example, you can join the Civil Air Patrol, or you can become a PilotAge Airport Lieutenant - an airport PAL.

The Airport Lieutenant serves as the airport's contact with Club PilotAge and other southern California aviators. The PAL helps to keep the airport open, the FBO's in business, fellow GA enthisiasts flying, and keeps fellow lieutenants and the GA community in touch with events or issues affecting the lieutenant's airport.

There are many ways the airport volunteers help their community, as shown below.

Publicity coordination:

1) Pass relevant airport news on to PilotAge and local media.
2) Post airshow and other airport events.
3) Help airport users with a local airport bulletin board.

Political problems:

1) Closure attempts ( Contact AOPA, Cal Pilots Assoc, PilotAge, etc).
2) Noise abatement issues.
3) Security concerns.

FBO information:

1) List new businesses
2) Remove closed businesses
3) Help businesses with their listings.

Education services:

1) Organize safety seminars
2) Coordinate tours for High schools and Colleges
3) Arrange speakers for local clubs & organizations

Contact Dr. Don V Black via email to pilotage (at)
or call 1-949-445-1969