Search Help

1.   Fill in your search terms, such as AVIONICS, or AIRCRAFT SALES separated by commas to find a Vendor who services Southern California aviators and airports.

2.   Only EXACT MATCHES will be listed. AIRCRAFT SALES will NOT find the word AIRCRAFT by itself.

3.   AVIONICS,AIRCRAFT SALES will find all those companies that offer either AVIONICS or AIRCRAFT SALES.

4.   If you want those companies that provide both AIRCRAFT SALES and AVIONICS, then enter AVIONCS,AIRCRAFT SALES (separted by a comma) then click the Match ALL Words check box.

5.   The Match Case check box forces upper and lower case to match, otherwise case is ignored.

6.   When your words are entered and the proper check boxes have been clicked, press the Find Vendor button.

7.   To Add Your URL go to the FREE AD Page and Add your Aviation Business. Our Search Engine is for Aviation Businesses, not Links. Use the Add A Link Page to add your Web Site to PilotAge's Links Page.