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Weather Sites - Public and Commercial

Live Weather Satellite Photos

Weather for Active Lives (Satellite Imagery)

The Weather Channel - Aviation U.S.

CNN - Satellite image for Southwest North America

UIUC: Weather Visualizer

Weather Sites - Public and Commercial

AccuWeather, Inc.

CNN - Weather

Weather Channel - Weather Maps

Weather Channel - West Coast U.S.

Weather On Demand - EarthWatch Comm., Inc.

Weather for pilots


Fullerton Municipal Airport

Palm Springs Regional Airport

Torrance Airport

John Wayne Airport, Orange County, California

Los Angeles World Airports

Aviation Software

Free Flight Planner: The Simtel.Net

Maptech Topographic Maps and NOAA Nautical Charts

Camera Sites - Outdoors/Weather

Cable Airport (CCB)

Las Vegas, NV

LAX Airport, LA, CA


Lake Tahoe, NV

Mount Wilson Observatory, CA

Pine Mountain Lake Airport (Q68) Webcam

Palm Springs Tramway Cam


San Diego Intenational Airport

San Francisco, CA

Santa Fe, NM

Ocean View: Del Mar, CA

Ocean View: Santa Catalina Island Live

Ocean View: Venice, California

Ocean View: Santa Monica Bay, California

Ocean View: Santa Monica Pier, California

Yosemite, CA

Flagstaff, AZ

Prescott Arizona

Airport WebCam Locator

Lists of Camera Pages: WebCamLocator

Commercial Sites

Air Affair (Fuel Prices)

Air Charter Guide - Home

AIRbase ONE - Aviation Information Resource Database

Airports International

Aircraft Shopper Online

Aviation Digest Home Page

Aviation History: The Magazine

Aviation Home Page

Aviation Industry Resource (AIR) - Feature Sites l

Aviation Jobs Online

Aviation Parts Base: Free aviation parts location service.

Aviation World Services

AVweb, The Internet's Aviation Magazine and News Service

Buyer's Guide for Ultralight Aircraft


LANDINGS Welcomes Pilots & Aviation Enthusiasts

Sport Flyer's Interne Resources Fun Plane Rental Directory


Aviation Law Newsletter

Southern Aviator Online

San Diego Magazine, SoCal Skies


Government Aviation Information

Find a local Aviation Medical Examiner (AME Doctor)

Find Your California State Senator

Find Your California State Assembly Representative

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration



NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

NTSB - Home Page

NTSB - Aviation Accidents - Search Form

Automated Flight Service Station

Learn To Fly

Be A Pilot! Learn To Fly!

Cypress College Aviation Department

Welcome to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

First Flight

GA Manufacturers Assoc. - Learn To Fly

Palomar College Aeronautical Sciences

Student Pilot - for the Pilot in Training

Links to Links

Embry Riddle Virtual Library: Aviation/Military

Elevon -- Aviation on the Internet

Miscellaneous (Just For Fun)

AOLN - Great Speeches In Aviation History

National Space Society

Jane's Combat Simulations

Computer Pilot Magazine

Historical Evolution of the Helicopter

SR-71 Blackbirds 


Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. Aircraft List.

Castle Air Museum Forty-four (44) grand old war birds on display. Indoor display of aviation related memorabilia. Located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, CA. Aircraft List.

Eagle Field, Dos Palos, CA Eagle Field AAF training base is under restoration as an historical monument to the men who fought in WWII.

The Heritage of Eagles Air Museums An all-volunteer non-profit museum dedicated to the preservation of the Eagle Field Army Air Forces Training Base. Located at Eagle Field near Dos Palos, CA.

March Field Museum. Aircraft List

Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Pasadena, CA. The Visitor Museum has a display of Spacecraft and other Extra-Terrestrial Vehicles.

Museum Of Flying This Santa Monica Museum houses a rare collection of World War II fighter aircraft.

NAS Miramar at San Diego. Aircraft List

Planes of Fame Museum located in Chino, California, has restored to flight many historic aircraft, including Jack Northrop's Flying Wing. Aircraft List.

San Diego Aerospace Museum. Aircraft List.

Western Museum of Flight at Jack Northrop Field (HHR).

Wings Over Kansas

Pick here of a list of California Museums and their contents.

Non-Aviation Related Sites

Global Land Information System


Yahoo! Maps

International Space Station 

Non-Commercial Organizations

AeroWeb: Aviation Enthusiast Corner

Cypress College Aviation Department

Airport & NAVAID Info

AOPA Online

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Harvard General Aviation

Lawyer Pilots Bar Association

Need a Medical? Find your Doctor here.


Muche's Warbirds

Flight Simulation

Computer Pilot Magazine 

Societies & Organizations

Angel Flight West

Aircraft Wrecks in Southern California

American Bonanza Society

AOPA Online

California Pilots Association

Cessna Pilots Assocation

Experimental Aviation Association

EAA Chapter One - Flabob

EAA Chapter Two - Ft Wayne

EAA Chapter 14 - San Diego

EAA Chapter 16 - Chino

EAA Chapter 49 - Lancaster

EAA Chapter 62 - San Jose

EAA Chapter 96 - SouthBay

EAA Chapter 170 - San Luis Obispo

EAA Chapter 286 - North San Diego County

EAA Chapter 723 - Camarillo

EAA Chapter 1000 - Edwards AFB

EAA Chapter 1027 - Willits

EAA Chapter 1074 - Georgetown

EAA Chapter 1279 - Fallbrook

General Aviation Manufacturers Assoc.(GAMA)

International Council of Air Shows

Lawyer Pilots Bar Association

National Business Aviation Association

Smithsonian National Space Museum

Popular Rotocraft Association

Seaplane Pilots Association

SoCal Fly Girls

Tuskegee Airmen

Vietnam Veterans Home Page

United States Pilots Association

Women In Aviation, International

Subscription Services


Vendor Sites

AirPlan Flight Planning Shareware

Air Racing

FlightData, Internet's Aviation Data provider

Aviation Tutorials

Cessna Aircraft Home Page

Jane's Combat Simulations

Jeppesen Sanderson Home Page (Non-JAVA)

Mile High Club

Navtech welcome_frame


Piper - The New Piper Aircraft, Inc.

Raytheon Beechcraft Aircraft Home Page

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