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Attraction - A local activity that warrants a fly-in, e.g. - camping, a theme park, skiing, etc. This will be listed on the airport page under Attractions.

Club - A local not-for-profit flying club or association, for the CLUBS page.

Link - An Aviation related website that falls under no other category.

Business - Your Aviation Business will be listed under the heading of your choice, and on your airport page - this is Your Ad, not just a URL.

Event - A scheduled event, such as a fly-in, a safety presentation, an air-race, a club meeting or an airshow.

Scholarship - A schloraship or award offered for Aviation related education or training, for which our subscribers may qualify.

Classified Ad - A free 6 week classified ad of 5 to 20 words only for aviation related products.

Help Wanted - A request for an employee or other aviation help.

School - A flight school, institute, or other organization offering flying lessons, flight training, ground school, or other aviation related education to be listed on our Learn-To-Fly page.

We reserve the right to edit content for display purposes.  

Classified Ads and Events will be updated as time permits. They are temporary (for 6 weeks) and will not be added to the searchable database.

All the remaining categories are posted and added to the searchable database within six weeks - but there is no guarantee. Items can be added sooner for a $50.00 service fee. Contact PilotAge via Digital ChoreoGraphics at 1-949-548-1969 for this service.

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Please contact PilotAge if you have any questions on filling out any of the forms.

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