Gillespie Field
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Airport Information

(619) 448-1641(619) 448-1449(800) 992-7433(619) 596-3900
123.8 (1500-0500Z)
(SAN) 122.4(CLNC DEL) 125.1

Ground Approach DepartureLatLong
17-35 1185(800) day, 1385(1000) nite
09L-27R 1585(1200) day, 1385(1000) nite
09R-27L 1185(800)

Op Hours:
Approaches:1) (125.45) Monitor ATIS.
2) (124.35) Contact SOCAL Approach prior to entering Class B.
3) (120.7 ) Contact Tower prior to entering Class D.
4) (121.7 ) Contact Ground when so instructed by Tower.
Be aware of Class B Airspace Northwest of and abutting Gillespie's Class D, and also Southwest of Gillespie's Class D, and above Gillespie Field.
Departures:1) (125.45) Monitor ATIS.
2) (121.7 ) Contact Ground when ready to taxi.
3) (120.7 ) Contact Tower when ready for takeoff.
4) (132.2 ) Contact SOCAL Departure for Class B Clearance (if planning on entering Class B Airspace) when frequency change approved.
5) (122.4 ) Contact San Diego Radio to Open FLight Plan.
Rwy 17 preferred noise abatement departure when tower closed.
Notes:REMARKS: Attended 1500-0500Z. Weather avbl only 1500-0500Z. Rwy 09L rgt tfc dusk-dawn. Rwy 27R rgt tfc dawn-dusk.
Lgt acft Rwy 17 tkf point designated as just S of intersection with E/W Twy D, tkf length from this point is 2875'. No formation deps or VFR low apchs blo 1000' AGL. Rwy 27R Non-standard combination REIL and LDIN. PAPI Rwy 27R bafled horizontally 6 degs N of centerline. lateral coverage has been narrowed to avoid obstacles, close alignment to rwy centerline necessary. Use of localizer recommended.
When twr clsd, TPA-- Rwy 17-35 1185(800)dawn-dusk, 1385(1000) dusk-dawn, Rwy 09R-27L 1185(800), Rwy 09L-27R 1585(1200) dawn-dusk, 1385(1000) dusk-dawn.
ACTIVATE MIRL Rwy 09L-27R and Rwy 17-35, twy lgts, PAPI and combo LDIN/REIL Rwy 27R and VASI Rwy 17, Rwy 35 and Rwy 09L -- CTAF.
NOTE: See Land and Hold Short Operatons Section.


Fuels:Phillips 66 (80, 100LL, Jet A)




Food:Gillespie Field Cafe (6a-3p).
Local HotelsLodging:Best Western. Plaza International Inn.
Car RentalsTransportation:Taxi:Yellow Cab.Car Rentals: Avis, Courtesy Auto Rental.
Local Attractions

Local San Diego Area Attractions. Balboa Park, Horton Plaza, Old Town San Diego.

Looking North

VFR Chart

IFR Diagram

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Airport Locations

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Local Businesses

Infinity Aerospace
(619) 448-5103
Infinity AeroSpace

Infinity One - The Quick Build Sport Aircraft
Military Style Stick Grips for your Homebuilt
Retractable Main Landing Gear.

Take Flight San Diego
Accelerated flight instruction by a Master and Gold Seal CFI.
Stratos Jet Charters, Inc - SEE
(888) 878.7286
Stratos Jet Charters provides private jet service and aircraft rentals at SEE.
A & P Aero Airplane propellers and governors, Parts & Service.
Advanced Aircraft Electronics Avionics sales, installation and repair.
Advanced Training Association FAA approved airline dispatcher training.
Aerial Ads Aerial banners, Sky Writing, Photography.
Aero & Governor Service
Aerodyne Engineering Co. Manufactures FAA approved aircraft components.
Aero Paint Aircraft Painting
Aeroplane Services
Aircraft Maintenance Service
Aircraft Storage Spaces Storage
AiRepair Major and minor alterations and repair. Routine inspections.
Airways Business Park Owners Association
AIS Leasing
All Secure
Alturair/Alturdyne Generators/BD5 kits and parts.
Anglo American Aviation International
Associated Glider Clubs of Southern California
ASTREA Unit (Sheriff's Helisquad)
Aviation Seminars
BlackHawk Helicopters, Inc. Helicopter charter services.
Cajon Plaza, Inc.
California Flight Academy We are a small school with highly personalized instruction. Start anytime, full and part time programs available. FAA Part 141 approved private thru ATP
California Wings
Cessna Dealer
Civil Air Patrol - Squadron 55 Gillespie Field Cadet CAP
Civil Air Patrol - Squadron 57
Clark Helicopters
Classic Hangars - Curtis Hopkins
Coastal Fliers Inc Gillespie Field (SEE) non-profit flying club owned and run by pilots.
County Weather Recorded-Deserts & Mountains
Customs, U.S.
Dupont Aerospace Company
EAA Chapter 14
East County Taxi Service
Eddie's Aero Services
El Cajon Aircraft Supply Shop
El Cajon Flying Service
El Cajon Speedway
Enterprise Car Rentals
Exotic Aircraft Company
Exxon Fuel
Fiberco Manufacturing
Fletcher Hills Golf & Driving Range
Flight Service Station
Flight Suits Ltd.
Flint Aero Corporation
Friendship Deli
Gillespie Air Center Aircraft tie downs and hangar rentals
Gillespie Field Cafe
Gillespie Field Eagles Inc Gillespie Field Eagles offers training in an FAA approved ground school and flight instruction with a CFI in our sircrsft, provided free of charge. Students contribute a small sum toward gas.
Gillespie Field Partners
Gillespie Pilots Association Speak with a united voice to airport management, the FAA, and local government.
Golden State Aviation
Grove Aircraft Company Spring aluminum landing gear for experimental aircraft and retrofit kits.
HammerHead Aviation Manufacturer of Certified and Experimental Spring Aluminum landing gear systems and composite components.
Instrument Overhaul Service of San Diego
Jet Air Systems San Diego Full Service FBO w/ competitive Fuel Prices
Krauss Helicopters Helicopter service and charter.
Lancair Certified Southwest Bringing you the new, certified Lancair Columbia 400
May Day Cafe
Ninety-Nines (El Cajon Chapter)
Orange Cab
Pacific Coast Mobile
Plus One Flyers One of the largest flying clubs in the U. S. at Montgomery, Gillespie, and Ramona
Rison Aviation Intro flight lesson - only $49!
Royal Jet Fly into Royal Jet and be treated like a King.
Royal Jet Inc. 100LL & Jet A, Hangar Space, Unicom 123.0
RPG Investments Aircraft Storage Spaces
Safari Aviation (West)
San Diego Aerospace Museum Experience aviation's history from the Wright Flyer to the Space Shuttle.
San Diego Aircraft Inc.
San Diego Aircraft Sales
San Diego Cab
San Diego Helicopters, Inc.
Santee tAXI
Scotty's Prop Shop
S.D. Aircraft Storage Gillespie Field Aviation Business Center - Hangars & Tie Downs - Executive Offices.
Sheriffs Helisquad
Sky Harbor Hangars Aircraft storage.
U.S. Border Patrol
U.S. Border Patrol Station & Communication Center 24 Hours
Utility Helicopters, Inc.
Walter Helicopter Service, Inc.
Warbirds West Air Museum Warbird Air Museum Located at Gillespie Field (accross from the Air Terminal Parking Lot) Sa / Su 9-4pm;
Wingover Aviation
Yellow Cab
Commemorative Air Force - SEE
Alliance Coatings, Inc Your one stop shop for all aerospace related painting materials, supplies, and painting & prep services for 23 years.

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