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How to get your airport online with PilotAge:

Send us a photograph of your airport like the ones you have seen here.

My photographer shoots from the right seat of a Cessna 172, usually out the side window under the wing. I position the aircraft to the South of the airport, flying East to West. I power back, and nose up until I slow down to 45-50 Kts, while dropping 20-30 degrees of flaps. I maintain enough power to stay at altitude. When I am happy with the speed and the view I notify the photographer, who is already gleefully snapping pictures. Sometimes I need to reach across and hold the right window open.

For best results, follow this Photograph Checklist:

1)  Snap it from the South, looking North,
2)  Snap it from between 2000' and 5000' AGL,
3)  Snap it from between 1 to 5 miles from the field,
4)  Snap it on a sunny day (cloud free),
5)  Snap it mid-day (with the sun overhead),
6)  Adjust your AGL and Range so that the airport
      and its surroundings appear in the frame,
     (I will scale, crop and embellish as required - Here is an example)
7)  Provide the FAA airport identifier,
8)  Provide contact information:
     your name, address, phone, email, website link.
9)  Assign us the right to copy and distribute the photograph (the copyright),
10) Place the above in an envelope with stiff cardboard,
11) Mark the envelope "FRAGILE, PHOTO, DO NOT BEND",
12) Mail it to the address given below,
13) We will give you credits for the photo on PilotAge,
14) We can list your Aviation Business, if you wish.

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P.O. Box 8268

Newport Beach, CA 92658

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