Burbank Airport
Bob Hope Airport
Night Time (10PM-7AM) Curfew
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Airport Information

(818) 843-6633(818) 567-4806(800) 992-7433(818) 840-8840
Frequency134.5118.7122.35 (Hawthorne)122.95

Ground Approach DepartureLatLong
1,800 (1025)123.9120.4 (N)
135.05 (E)
124.6 (SE)
134.2 (S&W)
120.4 (N)
135.05 (E)
124.6 (SE)
134.2 (S&W)

Fees:O'nite: $5/single. $20-$30/twin. (free w/ fuel purchase).
Op Hours:
Approaches:1 Monitor ATIS prior to contacting Approach. 2 Contact SoCal Approach prior to entering Class C. (approx. 20 nm out)
3 Contact Tower prior to entering Class C.
4 Change to Ground only when instructed by Tower.
5 CAUTION: Tower may request a Land And Hold Short Operation (See LAHSO, below).
Departures:1 Monitor ATIS then call Clearance.
2 Advise Clearance Delivery (at 118.0) on initial contact of destination and/or heading. Record transponder code and Departure frequency.
3 Contact Ground when ready to Taxi.
4 Contact Tower when ready for Take-off.
5 Contact Departure when requested by Tower.
6 Contact FSS via Hawthorne Radio to open Flight Plan.
Part 161 Study - on airport noise and night-time closure of Burbank. Add your comment click here.

Curfew in effect 0600-1500Z prohibiting ops of noisy acft and intersection tkfs, maintenancce runups, flight training ops, practise apchs and touch and go's. Power engine runups at Twy Alpha hold area AA and AB prohibited.

Notes:CAUTION: Hang gliders 5-10 nm N thru NE of A/P at 6,000'.
CAUTION: Turbulent conditions near airport at times of high winds from North and East. Downdrafts or wind shear may occur at liftoff or final.
CAUTION: Avoid adjacent Whiteman and Van Nuys Class D Airspace.
CAUTION: Avoid LAX Class B South of BUR.
LAHSO: - Land And Hold Short Operations - These operations include landing and holding short of an intersection runway, an intersecting taxiway, or other predetermined points on the runway other than a runway or taxiway.
REMARKS: Attended continuously. Rwy 08 CLOSED tkf MEL 12,500 lbs and over. Hang glider activity between 5 and 10 NM N of arpt 6000' AGL SR-SS. Bird activity N end Rwy 15-33 and W end Rwy 08-26. Helicopter and fixed wing acft operating 2503' MSL (1500 AGL) and below at Whiteman Arpt 5 miles NW. Turbulent conditions near arpt at times of high winds from N and E. Downdrafts/ wind shear may occur at liftoff or final. Rwy 08 RVR touchdown. NSTD distance-to-go-signs on the W of Rwy 15-33 and N of Rwy 80-26. Twy G restricted to acft having a wingspan of 95' or less. No GA acft parking at terminal ramp without PPR from arpt manager. REIL Rwy 15 OTS indef.


Fuels:Chevron,(100LL, Jet A, MOGAS)


Major. Avionics.


Food:Air Hollywood Bar & Grill (6a-7p)
Local HotelsLodging:Hilton. Holiday Inn.
Car RentalsTransportation:Taxi: Checker. Car Rentals: Alamo. Budget. Enterprise. Hertz. Thrifty.

Looking North

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VFR Terminal w/ Labels

Local Businesses

Stratos Jet Charters, Inc - BUR
(888) 878.7286
Stratos Jet Charters provides private jet service and aircraft rentals at BUR.
Burbank Aviators, Inc Flight instruction. Aircraft & Helicopter rental, simulator. Pilot supplies. FAA written exams.
Burbank Flying Club A flying club conveniently located in Burbank.
DCL Avionics - BUR Avionics sales and service.
Media Aviation Full service FBO. Fuel (100LL, Jet-A). Avionics, courtesy transportation, Thrifty car rental.
Mercury Air Center - BUR CHEVRON fuel. Full service FBO. Courtesy transportation. Car rental.
PRC-DeSoto International Aircraft Sealants, Coatings and Packaging Systems
TWC Aviation, Inc. 24 Hour Jet Charter, Management, and Leasing services.

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