Avalon on Catalina Island
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Airport Information


Approach LatLong
2602 (1000)127.4N33-24.30W118-24.95

Fees:Landing - $25.00
Op Hours:8am-7pm (summer)
Approaches:The approach end of Catalina's runway 22 begins at the edge of a 1500' cliff. This gives the airport some characteristics similar to landing on an aircraft carrier that is 1,602' in the air.

Be aware:

1) There are no familiar visual cues for altitude reference. You MUST rely on your Altimeter.
2) There is usually a strong downdraft at the approach end of the runway caused by the prevailing winds falling over the 1500' cliff. Be prepared for this downdraft and possible loss of altitude during your short final.
3) The uphill slope of runway 22 can cause approach and flare problems for inexperienced pilots.
4) Most flying clubs require that on your first landing at Catalina, you are accompanied by a CFI or other pilot experienced with Catalina's features.

Departures:Approval required through UNICOM prior to takeoff (or ldg).
Pilots cannot see arcft on opposite end of rwy due to slope of rwy.
No intersection takeoffs.
Notes:Attended 04/15-10/15 1600-0300Z. (Summer Hours)
Attended 10/16-04/14 1600-0100Z.
Arpt CLOSED all other hours except for emergency.
Full stop ldg only. For public use. Rwy 22 first 2000' slopes up; remainder level. Pilots cannot see aircraft on opposite ends of rwy due to gradient.
Call for Weather:1-800-255-8700

Transportation from the Airport to Avalon, with stops in between on our Wildlands Express Shuttle. NOTE: Contact AVX for most current prices and information:
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Food:The DC3 Gifts and Grill, on the airport, is famous for Buffalo Burgers. Hours 8:30AM - 4PM (6 PM Summer).
Local HotelsLodging:Many hotels in Avalon, a 25 min. drive.
Car RentalsTransportation:Shuttle to Avalon. $25 round trip, Call ahead. Bike & Golfcart rentals in Avalon.
Local Attractions

Hiking, Biking, Camping, Fishing, Boating, Swimming. Scuba, Horses, Golf, Tennis, and Jazz (home of JazzTrax festival). See http://www.catalina.com

Looking North

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Catalina's Location

Airport Locations

Local Businesses

Buffalo Spring Station Home of the Famous Buffalo Burger. Hot foods, knicknacks, souveniers and gifts.
El Terado Terrace El Terado Terrace also known as Catalina Mini Suites is very friendly to pilots and we do have Discounts To Pilots as well as Fly In Specials.
Hotel Catalina Vacation On Catalina Island
Island Express Helicopters Long Beach or San Pedro to Catalina via Helicopter. Scenic Catalina Island Tours.
Santa Catalina Island Conservancy Preserving one of the world's most magnificent islands for present and future generations to experience and enjoy.

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